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Micro dvr boards with UART interface

Micro dvr boards with UART port,DVR Boards,DVR Module Boards to Build Security Camera, DVR Boards are useful for concealing and building into custom applications such as alarm clocks,diaper bag,child`s toy,etc. Easily build your own High Quality Security or Spy Camera,You can upgrade your security by selecting the best CCTV DVR Boards



micro dvr boards with UART port.Color image of a high-performance SD card storage module, designed specifically for home security systems. The module uses the MPEG-4 video compression technology, single-channel clarity of up to D1 704 * 480 (NTSC) and 704 * 576 (PAL) pixels, frames per second up to 30FPS (NTSC) and 25PFS (PAL) is a truly real-time, high-resolution, low power consumption, easy operation, ultra-compact SD card storage module. The PVR300 support boot video, motion detection recording, scheduled recording, manual real-time video and other recording modes. The aircraft maximum support 32GB of SD card, the recorded video files are stored directly in the SD card. The user can at any time in the TV, monitor. On your computer to view the wonderful pictures can also use the SD card image files stored in the computer.

1.File format:AVI;
2.Audio and video input(output): RCA 3-in-1 AV output;
3.Storage type: SD(support over 32GB) card;
4.Video size and speed: PAL: 720x576(D1)/25FPS, NTS: 720x480(D1)/30FPS;
5.Power supply for external camera is available:(Voltage:5V);
6.Video format(IN or OUT): NTSC/PAL;
7.Recording AV mode:Schedule/ Motion detection/wired cable auto /IO alarm/manual recording;
8.Compute transfer interface: USB2.0;
9.Recording max bps:8M-10M;
10.Real-time recordings are marked in File;
11.Can make ID for every unit;
12.OSD menu operating with IR-remote controller;
13.Available control or controlled by I/O connector;
14.with rechargeable lithium battery 100mAh avoid sudden power failure
15.Alarm alert when video signal loss
16.Playback function with composite A/V out
17.Power: 5V/150MA
19.Record via UART port
Start Record: INQ_C<CR>

Stop record:INQ_D<CR>

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