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Lawmate Replacement Police Mini Portable Digital Video Recorder DVR With 2.4G Hz Wireless Control

* Body worn video recording solution for any private investigator or law enforcement officer. The DVR provides power to the external camera and makes it much easier to carry on the body.
* Professional pocket DVR designed for use with CVBS camera kits. Recorder is small enough to fit into a standard cigarette pack!
* Camera plugs directly into the Micro recorder and requires no additional batteries or cables. Power for the camera is supplied by the DVR recorder
* Can change the software by customized Logo picture when the unit start up or shut down.


1. Display: 2.5 960*320 TFT LCD
2. Video input: NTSC/PAL standard
Video recording: MPEG-4/AVI
3. Resolution: 720 x 480 pixels at 30fps(TNSC) or 720x576 pixels at 25fps(PAL)
4. Memory type: SD card(over 32G)
5. Recording time: 20-60 minutes/1G SD card
6. Audio alone recording: yes
7. Take Photo : yes
8. Audio/video out: RCA 3-in-1 AV output
9. PC interface: USD2.0
10. Operation current: 180mA
11. Battery type: DC 3.7V/1Amp lithium-iron battery
12. Battery lifetime: 2-3hours (including external CCD power)
13. Vibration alert when without video signal or without SD card or starting recording or stopping recording.
14. Recording max bps:10M
15. Real-time recordings are marked in File
16. Motion detection record:YES
17. Scheduled record:YES
18. Output power for external camera:5V,500MA
19. Can make ID for every unit
20. With 2.4G Hz wireless control
21. with wired control
22.Can use customized LOGO picture when start up and shut down
23. Dimensions: 78mm*51mm*22mm;

24. Weight: 70g without the battery respectively

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