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Built In Audio 1920 X 1080P X 2 3D VR Stereo Video Synchronization Dual Lens USB Camera Module

Dual Lens 1080p 3d Stereo VR Camera Module

* Dual camera synchronization,Equipped with 106 degree dual lens, both non-distortion,they can also be installed in the same direction or opposite direction.

* There is no HUB connection between the two cameras,pure DSP control chip,highly integrated.Only one device name is displayed on the device display side.

* This camera module have adjustable & flexiable FPC(10CM),the lens part is connected to mainboard via FPC, with which you can adjust lens position, angle and distance as per your requirement.

* It can be used as a dual-lens camera or a single-lens camera. different resolution decides if it is dual lens or single lens camera.

* With movable light board for low-light conditions you can use the lights or not.

* We can supply SDK and display software to customer for integrated.

* It built in double microphones,This camera has 2 meter USB cable.

* Application:Compact dual lens camera module for all kinds of people counting system,VR camera,stereoscopic computer vision application.



1.Working system:OTG Compatible Android advice,Over Android 4.3 supported

2.APP:CameraFi or USB camera, Free download from Google play store

3.Sensor:IMX307(1/2.8" CMOS) + IMX307(1/2.8" CMOS)

4.Power :USB

5.Image pixels:4.2MP

6.Image Format:MJPG/YUV

7.Audio:embedded 2 of digital microphone


1).2CH synchronization:3840x1080,2560x720,1600x600,1280x480.


9.Frame rate:30fps

10.Camera control:auto/manually/saturation/contrast/acutance

11.White balance:automatically

12.Exposure:Average brightness

13.Sleep model current:10mA

14.Working current:5V 260mA

15.Size:main board 120x22mm,sensor boards 26x22mm,light boards 26x22mm

16.Cable length:200CM

17.Plug: USB-C female + USB-A male

18.Storage Temperature:-30C to 80C

19.Working Temperature:-20C to 70C

20.Lens:106 degree no distortion +106 degree no distortion

Infrared night vision led lights

1.Working voltage: 5V.

2.Working current: 30mA.

3.Wavelength(nm) : 450nm.

4.Available angle: 60 degree.

5.LED type: white light.

6.Color temperature : 6000-6500K.

7.Quantity of led: 4pcs+4pcs

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