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Double Sensor USB Security Protection Webcam Body Worn Surveillance Bluetooth Earphone Earpiece HD Camera

Mobile Surveillance Double CMOS Sensor Invisible Video Surveillance Android OTG USB Mini Ear Bud Camera

1.The usb camera kit contain 2 lenses,one is built-in earphone designed to be worn in your ear,another built-in bluetooth clip.
2.Included removeable earbuds and you can exchange them for right or left.
3.Invisible video surveillance usb camera + bluetooth device for taking phone
4.The clip kit built in microphone for usb video recording
5.A button switch for usb camera CH1 or CH2 or CH1+CH2


1.Platform: PC or android device (over version 4.3)

2.APP advise:USB OTG Camera or Camerafi or USB camera

3.Image Sensor:1/3" CMOS + 1/3" CMOS


5.Pixel Max:2MP

6.Video Stream Format:YUV/ MJPG

7.Audio:Internal Digital Microphone

8.Video Resolution:1280x720 / 1280x720 / 2160x720

9.FPS:1280x720 at 30FPS / 1280x720 at 30FPS / 2160x720 at 30FPS

10.FOV (D):90°+90°

11.Sleep Model Current:<10mA

12.Working Mode Current:5V 80mA

13.Storage Temperature :-30°C to 80°C

14.Operating Temperature:-20°C to 70°C

15.USB Type:MICRO USB / TYPE C / TYPE A / Customized

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