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2.0 Megapixel Headset Micro USB Camera for USB OTG Compatible Android Windows Mac

1.Sensor:1/2.7" CMOS

2.Power :OTG

3.Image pixels:2.0 MP

4.Image Format:YUV / MJPG

5.Audio:embedded microphone

6.Data Format:800*600,1280*720,1920*1080

7.Frame rate:640*480@30fps 1280*720@30fps 1920*1080@30fps

8.Sleep model current:<10mA

9..Working current:5V 150mA

10.Measure:φ17*L45mm(pinhole lens) / φ17*L51mm(fixed lens)


2.0 Megapixel Headset Micro USB Camera for USB OTG Compatible Android Smartphones

Bring up an external Camera on Android device and use its display to view the live feed from the camera.

Support OTG Function:allow full compatibility with ALL OTG Compatible Android devices - smartphones and tablets.Install USB Camera or USB Web Camera or CameraFi or CameraFi Live (free apps on Google Play),plug the camera and you are ready to go.
Smartphone are able to be supported OTG to recognize USB camera.

It works only for over Android Version 4.3 and doesnt work on Apple IOS

1.Working system:OTG Compatible Android advice,Over Android 4.3 supported

2.APP:camerafi or USB camera, Free download from Google play store

3.Sensor:1/2.7" CMOS

4.Power :OTG

5.Image pixels:2.0MP

6.Image Format:YUV/MJPG

7.Audio:embedded microphone,sound & video recording

8.Data Format:800*600,1280*720,1920*1080

9.Frame rate:640*480@30fps 1280*720@30fps 1920*1080@30fps

10.Camera control:auto/manually/saturation/contrast/acutance

11.White balance:automatically

12.Exposure:Average brightness

13.Sleep model current:<10mA

14.Working current:5V 150mA

15.Measure:φ17*L45mm(pinhole lens) / φ17*L51mm(fixed lens)

16.Cable length:120CM

17.Storage Temperature:-20C to 60C

18.Working Temperature:-10C to 70C

19.Lens:pinhole or fixed

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